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My Story

Hi, my name is Kim. One of the hardest things you can ask a creative person is to describe what they do. After thinking about that question for a long time, I believe I can call myself a visual storyteller. It pretty much covers the whole package of who I am and what I do.

For me, creating something is like telling a story. I truly believe stories are the beginning of an authentic connection. We can not only learn from them, but they also offer us the space to understand, identify and reach out to one another. Design is exactly that for me. It connects people with ideas and creates an unique environment for connection.

I value simplicity not only in my designs but in all parts of life. Keeping things simple enables me to enjoy the little things more. The same thing happens with design. If you take away the noise and unnecessary details, the authentic story surfaces and the most valuable things appear.

A few of my favourite little things are snuggling with my puppy Jack, pouring myself a cup of fresh tea, getting to know new people or learn about people's behaviour. As a visual storyteller, I'm not only into design, but I really love photography too. I truly enjoy the time I spend behind the lens, trying to capture fleeting moments. It gives me the opportunity to capture a moment in time and remember it, which feels pretty magical.

You can find my photography on my instagram.

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The Values


I believe good design is like telling a story. It builds relationships, carries a sincere message and improves the connection between two meaningful ends, whether it be hearts, persons or projects. Clarity in telling your story, being humble in its appearance and striving for a connection are values I think highly of.


I want to tell stories that are authentic. Stories that are being shared because a shared story evolves with every new dynamic. Stories that are unique in their imperfection. Products created with a clear voice, aiming to bring a little tranquility into all the obnoxious noises of our world. Telling a genuine story with sincerity is what motivates me.


Uncovering the essence of the story you want to convey is the hardest and most rewarding part of creating something. While the details elevate a design to a level of quality, the story falls flat without a strong focus on the essence. It’s about finding the right balance between what’s needed and what’s useless.

Random facts about me


I’m the type of person that tries
to fall back asleep in the morning just to finish a dream


I like my pudding when it’s still warm


I love the cold side of the pillow


I never broke a bone once in my life, but always
hoped I would because I thought a cast was the coolest thing


I would love to build a tree house one day