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You probably arrived here to see some of my work. You probably assume that a portfolio is here to show it to you so I can convince you that it's awesome — which it is — and that we should work together. Rather than doing exactly that, I see this website as a way of showing you who I am and what it is you get when we work together. For me, having shared values is the most important catalyst for a strong collaboration. I want to be defined by my vision, not my work.

As I see it, displaying my previous work makes it impossible for you to conclude we would make a great team. Why? Because every single project is different. Your story matters and it's your experience I care about. My past work can, at best, show you what style suits me better. If you want to see that, I suggest you take a quick look at my dribbble profile for a sneak peek inside my studio.

To give you an idea how I feel about design and visual storytelling, I believe my speaking engagements will help with that. I was invited to talk at Valiocon '14 in San Diego about the interaction of design with real life and my search for the authenticity in both life and design. When I got back home, I wrote out my talk into three articles and posted them on my Medium account. In 2016 I spoke together with my good friend Lorenz at The Creativity Gym about visual storytelling and how to find the essence in the story. We did some life changing selfies and discussed a hypothetical baby-announcement. It's was good fun ;).

Still want to know more about my work? I also had the great honor to show a day in my life in Offscreen magazine, a magazine I followed from the start by buying the subscription with my first paycheck. I was totally humbled when I got mentioned in the first edition of the 365 Awesome Designers, after following it faithfully everyday. Later I also got featured in Dribbble's Weekly Replay, worked together with the kind people of Invision App to create a reading list for designers, was able to create a photo pack together with the super useful service Death To The Stock and when the most efficient and hard working Drew Wilson asked me to design a premium filter pack for his app Filtron, I couldn't say no. For 2018 I'm accepting new speaking engagements. Please contact me if you want to have a chat.

I'm confident that my instagram profile and my twitter feed will give you a better image of how I think, create & live in a way displaying my work never can. That's why I suggest you get to know me a bit better, take a look at the services I offer below and get familiar with my design process. If you want to work together, pose a question or send some feedback my way. Feel free to send me a message, I'd love to hear your story.


Brand & Identity

Your brand is your company. A strong brand creates a feeling of trust with a potential client and makes it easy to identify with your company. Crafting a strong visual language that conveys where you stand for is not only creating an identity, but shaping a brand.

Web & Photography

A website is still the most important communication tool around. It should be crafted with love behind the scenes in order to get the love it deserves in the spotlights. Photos can play a powerful roll in the story you're trying to tell, so images shot for your brand add huge value to the whole package.

Print & Paper

Print is not dead. And it never will be. It’s still one of the most intimate ways to communicate. It feels more personal and genuine. It leaves a lasting impression. Stationary, book covers or beautiful packaging, you can make it matter in telling your story.

The Process







Your story is unique. That's why it's impossible to have a design process set in stone. However, there's one thing that always stays the same. Every project, every brand and every creative journey starts with me listening to you.

Your vision and desires are what make you and your project one of a kind. When asking the right questions, we can identify the essence and eliminate the rest. After talking things through, I create a personal proposal for you. I don't work with a standardized pricing list, everything is carefully crafted for you and tailored to your specific needs.

I believe working together only works when your ideas are valued. That's why communication and transparency about the execution of your product are two things that are crucial to me. Just like people, projects evolve and it's only by expanding and exploring options that we are able to shape the best possible design solution.

The goal of our path together is to let your brand tell a story and emulate ideas people can connect with. People will remember these because they add value to someone's life. That way, your narrative can grow into a timeless piece of design.